Available art from the Röckaholics shows:

Please contact us or the artists directly to inquire about availability and pricing.


For each Röckaholics show a limited edition show poster is created by one or as a collaboration of some of rock art's finest.

Röckaholics I show poster

Röckaholics II show poster

Limited edition of 150, hand-printed at
Crackhead Press in Louisville (KY),
signed and numbered by Justin 'Angryblue'
Kamerer, Jeral Tidwell and
David 'DWITT' Witt. Available at

Limited edition of 85, numbered and signed
by Guy Burwell. Available at www.guyburwell.com

Alu Prints:
For each Röckaholics show limited edition prints based on art by the featured artists are created by Swiss master printer Albert together with the artists using a proprietary technology by Heinrich Mantel AG which allows anodizing the image right into the aluminium. These alu prints are limited to five each and are signed and numbered by the artists.

Guy Burwell

Röckaholics II Official Show Poster

Golden Lady

The Ruby Lady



The Dropout

The Low Tempos Limited: Duke Winston

The Low Tempos Limited: Stanley Love

The Low Tempos Limited: The Bluebird

The Low Tempos Limited: Leonard Leonard

The Low Tempos Limited: The Earl

The Low Tempos Limited: Prince Sandobal

Philipp Thöni/BlackYard - DJ Vadim: Russian Percussion

Balkan Beat Box





Ron Donovan


Black Dynamite

Evil Angel

Through Ancient Eyes

Show Stars

Michael Hacker


Unsane (Green)

Unsane (Orange)

Polite But Still Grim


Chris Hopewell/Jacknife Posters

Eagles of Death Metal


Queens of the Stone Age (Bristol)

Queens of the Stone Age (Club)

Queens of the Stone Age (Spades)

Justin 'Angryblue' Kamerer

Angryblue: Alice

Angryblue: Bourbon Rat

Angryblue: Harmony

Angryblue: Leave the Stinger in

Angryblue: Mad as a Hatter

Angryblue: Röckaholics

Angryblue: Russian Circles

Angryblue: Sister Charlatan

Angryblue: Vader

Angryblue: White Rabbit

Lindsey Kuhn




Night Marcher

Work is Fun

Chuck Sperry

American Artifact

Brian Setzer Orchestra

Neko Case


Reel Big Fish & The English Beat

Jeral Tidwell

Tidwell: Bali Skull

Tidwell: BirdAlchemy colour

Tidwell: Dave Matthews Band

Tidwell: Faith & Love

Tidwell: Glass Heart

Tidwell: Hot Rod Mountains

Tidwell: Japanese Sword

Tidwell: Phish

Tidwell: Skull with Wings & Roses

Tidwell: Tree

Tidwell: Virgin Mary (radiator)

David 'DWITT' Witt

DWITT: Alien Pin-up

DWITT: Angel

DWITT: Angel Deconstruction 24

DWITT: Birdolith 65

DWITT: Birdolith 70


DWITT: Gearhead 2010 colour

DWITT: Inpiration Strikes Male

DWITT: Inspiration Strikes Female

DWITT: Out of the Garden

© Dobrauz-Saldapenna